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Evergreen Business System is the latest product to be launched from Mike Filsaime (of Butterfly Marketing, PayDotCom, AffiliateDotCom fame).

This product is something that actually REALLY excites me with the potential it has.

In case you haven’t noticed, Mike has been making an absolute fortune with his “Profit Platform” offer which runs on the exact same software you’ll get with the Evergreen Business System.

(Mike has been making HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars a month using this – and it’s not a typical “launch” style method where that comes in during a one week launch and then nothing else … this is CONSISTENT income, virtually on auto-pilot … he’s been making over $10,000 a day just using these simple automated webinars several times a day)

It’s an automated webinar and sales system in one.  I’ve seen a lot of different types of software like this, but the Evergreen Business System literally beats the pants off of anything I’ve that I’ve looked at.

It allows you to run unlimited webinars on autopilot that look totally live.

In my experience, you want to avoid saying anything that tricks people … i.e. don’t pretend you’re talking to them live, but you can still use the “event based marketing” method to give people real time scarcity when they’re on the call.

It’s much more effective when people get ready to view a webinar at a particular time and you can say “once this webinar ends, the discount/bonus/whatever will be gone”.

That’s soooo much more powerful than just giving them a video that they can watch any old time they want to. That’s why conversions are so high.

HINT: At a seminar I was personally at recently, Mike and a couple of others were sharing their results from the webinars and it’s not uncommon to generate $100 for each person on the webinar.

If you can get 100 people on a call, and close just 10% of them on a $1000 product – that’s $10,000 in sales.

Even if you could only get 10 people on a call per day using the evergreen business system, 10% of that is 1 sale of $1,000 … not bad for a days work :-)

And the best part is that you don’t even need to be on the webinar – it runs automatically using the Evergreen Business System and you can even run multiple webinars per day.

Here’s how it works…

When people register, you can send the name/email info to your Aweber/Getresponse (or any other kind) autoresponder.

Registrants can select to get a text reminder before the webinar starts.

They get automated emails before the webinar starts.

During the webinar, you can use “hidden” and delayed buy buttons so you can spend e.g 45 minutes giving pure content, then 15 minutes selling something.  (The buy button only appears when you make the offer, so they have no idea when they watch the first 45 minutes that it’s a sales video too)

The Evergreen Business System also has full analytics built into it, so you can track which advertising sources are giving you the most bang for your buck.

You can integrate it with any affiliate program you have, so your affiliates can promote your webinar and get paid for doing so. (And in the mean time they’ll be building YOUR email list, since everyone who registers can be added to your Aweber/Getresponse lists … or any other autoresponder you use)

When users register, they can use the viral ‘tell a friend’ and facebook/twitter features to tell even more people about your event.

And that’s just some of what’s included.

Here’s the BIG thing for me…

The only services I’ve seen that come anywhere near close t0 this don’t even do HALF of what Evergreen Business System does … and yet they cost $99 a month or MORE.

The Evergreen Business System is just a one time payment of just $497 and is fully guaranteed.  If you were to use one of the other services, it would cost you close to $1200 for just a year, so the evergreen business system will save you hundreds of dollars in it’s first year compared to the competitors :-)

I’m not sure how long this software is going to be available (it’s already been closed down once), but I do know this is on my list of “must haves” for this year


… in fact I’ve already got mine and am setting it up right now!  Here’s a quick screenshot of what the registration page looks like…

Evergreen Business System example

Click here for more –> Evergreen Business System <– information.

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